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I visited Berlin this summer…
"accidently" I bought a Pentax SP1000 on a pawnshop.
After a cool bargaining process to lower the price I came out with the camera, 3 lenses and film.
Of course I had to try it at once,
Good ‘n smooth tripĀ 

When I play druid of the claw he ends up summoning three bearded gods as a last resort.

I still lose. 
I tried sudoku but ended up summoning some help
It also runs
Sometimes I’m afraid of what the pen might bring…
Then I have some ice flavoured coffee and worship the 3 bearded gods.
here is a quick poo walk cycle.enjoy
random conversational coffee #10(scanned napkin)
I want one of these
monday punch 
sometimes I give my “giberish fine-point pen” a spin and things like this pop out
mean dog
random lunch#5
Always draw bearded men anywhere, they advise you

When I find out it’s usually too late…

I can totally relate to this